Poem – “The Way your Curves Strangle my World” – Erotica – 5/16/2020

I fall
Into the rising blossom,
A flower, scented,
Still alike the one I plucked
From its roots and soil.
I went inside
The world of mine,
To hear every clashing sound
Of her heart against the swinging chime.

My eyes watch darkness,
Where a disguise disuses itself
Over a vein, where I place my pain.

Her round shape,
Her beauty that does not truly take
Long, to see,
For everything that demands a plea
To breathe
More of her in the mention of her.
A robe unwrapped
From torso and waist,
As nothing seen, goes to waste.

Love holds a tourniquet
About itself,
When I dive, to find myself, in her.

What pain
That truly stains
All of me, in her.

What torment,
What sentiment,
What fields to crawl along,
What winds that sing the longest song,
Of what I feel,
Of all I seal
Away in her.