Poem – “Stuffed in the Flame” – Erotica – 5/17/2020

How romantic,
How aromatic
You are, when the flame bathes with you,
When the flame searches for you
Over the hollow Earth.

You'll lay,
You'll stretch
With the rope wrapped about your hands
For the miles you've sought to leave the day
Behind, in a sunset of dismay.

I kiss,
I breathe
Words to ears that do not listen.
What smile of yours
Can ever fathom that the flame does burn me?

It burns,
Though not to your attention
That it scars.

Love remembers,
While lust forgets.
I wanted my tears to fill your ears of those former days.

For I am that sunset,
Left behind with a flame that sets
Me blind, with nothing more to bleed for
In the eyes of someone you yearned to see
Whatever I was trusted to be.

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