Poem – “Offer Dairy” – Erotica – 5/19/2020

What's the white of another smile,
Laced with the taste
Of a million more miles
Coated in the same liquid light,
Formed for the same sight?

Your breasts offer the same wetness
As the flower between your thighs
Wet with the dew, on twin petals,
Though of white to cry out for
To quench my thirst,
In my meager infant-hood.

Bloated was your form
Beneath the moon, quivering
Upon the cheeks, soaked over in tears,
Worriment and fears.
Out I spawned, for the undertaking
Of many years to my beloved.

For I am weak,
As I am lost in the mind of you.
Little watchful dove of the same hint
Of coloring that douses you,
In the same scent, that smothers you.

Love's holy rays
Wets the breasts, with even thickness
Of white upon merry white,
Of snow that does not melt
Until the heat is raised
From the arms of a man who stays.

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