Poem – “Forever, Love” – Romance – 5/27/2020

Un-adored, as you were,
Dressed in solemn midnight
Beneath waves that retreat,
Though do not leap
Towards the next place for us to weep,
Towards the spot we'll love to seep
Emotions down into a well
Of startled hearts.

Has no one questioned
Why the moon possesses more faces
Than the mere warmth of the sun?

Has no one realized
Why their sadness is more linked to the night,
While the sun can share a fondness,
A oneness
With a singular expression?

One face,
One smile,
Destined for the infinite miles,
Crossed in hands that do not release
Of their hold,
Of their mold
Through the grasp
Of each other's nautical whiles.

Waves rush to meet the shoreline,
Destined to depart from where they stayed
For a mere moment,
Though will return to kiss the grains,
Will return to kiss the pain
To depart.