Poem – “Of all that I Admire” – Erotica – 6/5/2020

Swallow the fields,
Why don't you?
You are the hunger that does not yield
From the passing tides
That mount a face, between your thighs.
I have come to caress
The bold shape of your hips,
Running fingers like swimming serpents
Through the ebony tresses upon your head.
I wilt you
When I kiss you
Like straw that burns as the swollen candle.

You open up
Like the book that never truly closed
Its pages upon the centerfold
That extends your limbs in ultimate posture.

I feel
What I can create
Of the whole being that never lasts,
For more than a moment, in this spark.

I kiss,
As I hold
A graceful shape in my loathsome grasp,
As your breasts smear my lips,
While your face is next to consumption, upon the list
Of idle bit for consumption.

I will take you beneath warmth
Undergoing the dawn,
As the night fills with the rays of the moon.
My eyes can see so much
Of you,
When the dew drops off your slender arms.

I breathe bliss
To pass the kiss
To your cheeks,
And next, to your lips.