Poem – “Squeeze my Heart” – Erotica – 6/9/2020

Squeeze every scrap
To my swollen flesh,
Consuming ease
When you swallow up, the flame upon the candle
Buried between your lips.

What shall I throw upon you
Being not the fuel to the fire,
For such would be so blatant?

You are my ground
For a seed to be planted.
Though, you raise yourself to me
Begging for more
To be released.

My love,
With eyes that sparkle like the chestnut night
Of all of Autumn's radiance, upon a cooling rain
Against the remnants of summer,
You will drown.

You will drink
From the empty glass.
You will soak
Your eyes in greater tears
Of my own.

I turn your hips towards the Earth,
While your womb is against the roof of Hell.
I bleed your eyes
While I grope bleak tresses,
To fall a flag into its cemented bottom.

Why not make all of Antarctica melt
In the fires
Of something still warmer?