Poem – “As I Harden Myself” – Erotica – 6/14/2020

Feed me
Your stare, your eyes that blow darts
To set me sleeping.
Feed to me
The hands that hold your tears,
That I might recreate your fears,
Leaving a trace in the mud,
Leaving your heart for the many thuds
To the next sigh from your lips,
To the next caress upon your uncovered hips.

You are wilted,
Yet uncovered
To the bone, where you call death your home.
You glow, along with the snow,
Forming angel wings that only ever bring
Useless suffering.

Is it not my lust that you crave
With the passion that you save,
Burning between your legs?
You form glances that bend to the chances,
Running wind with the locks of your hair,
Among those extended touches, you dare.

Leave your stains to set
As you leave your place to get
Another smile, to drown me for the while
In the pools of my colored emptiness,
Leaving me to the glow
Of the white snow.

You might see
The contours of your needless pleas,
How I can shape them, to form your form
Alike how much you beg
For more, in being adored.

Do you love when I leave puddles at your feet?
Do you drive kisses to the wind and sleet
Bringing pointless revealings
To the raining ceiling?

How much can your heart crave
Upon the day when you are saved?

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