Poem – “Her Pleasure is Dying” – Erotica – 6/18/2020

Begin to soak yourself dry,
As you clean yourself filthy.
While nothing is paused of your ecstatic sighs,
Held high
In the calling cries,
Lifted ever-higher than Heaven,
While the world moves atop your breasts.

Release your breath,
Sweetness, engraved in swollen flesh.
Why is your smile encased, in the moon
Of your face,
In its fading state?
Are you to call down your sigh, so early in this night?
I want you to reveal, what you conceal.

Lay your hollow heart
Upon my straightness.
Your eyes move, like your arms raise
For the scents, in forgotten dreams.
You wilt like the oldest orchid,
Swimming like the faintest petal,
Though won't stop crying.

Virginity is lost from you,
Seven times over.
Though, you are the deadliest sin, of wettest blood
To caress any heart.

Why have your nipples been bitten
By a man, not an infant?
Your beginnings, your cries,
Your erratic and erotic behavior
Presents both a forest between your legs
For the flames,
With a shower of tears from your eyes
To spread a flood, like your legs as open gates.

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