Poem – “Of all Glowing Currents” – Erotica – 6/21/2020

Drop your wings,
Lift yourself up, without the feathers,
In complete heaviness.
Light has blessed you,
I have wept you loose, to spread a gleam
Across your entire form
Dreaming of the last cross to ever claim the Saint.

Will you speak
Without a voice?
I love, as I have lusted over
Breasts, with my merciful viewing
Of their two waving orbs,
Like flesh that nests against the spillage
Of greater sweeping porcelain.

You have hips as round
As the Earth is known, for its curvature.
I wander your extent
Down to where the forest beholds a fragrance
Between two stemming legs
Where flowers can bloom from roping vines
About the beautiful skin.

When you breathe,
Make sure to sigh out the notes
For our two faces, present
In the light of our love,
Within the fires of our lust.
Our image is the moon,
As we make love until the rest of noon.