Poem – “Wrap your Veins” – Erotica – 6/26/2020

Wilt your eyes
To the cherished sorrows.
Your bosom is but the porcelain without the snow
To create the necessary coldness.
I wield naught but two breasts
For my infantile suckling.
Your eyes show fear,
Leaving me near,
Letting me steer
Your eyes towards the moon.

Blessed beauty
Of no forever.
Let us lay here on our backs
To enjoy what time we share
As we are bare, to the boldest glimpses of time.

Beauty decays only as the eyes wilt,
Needed for the circle
Of life
In coldest strife,
Like the gold about your finger.

I play
With your form, in the dust.
I stay
With your form, in the rush
Of our blood, in its flood.

Let your eyes see my passion,
See my obsession,
My bite,
My plight,
My sight,
My fight.

I want to whelm you
In my tears,
As fears are for your consumption
In the dark tomorrows.