Poem – “Can you Close your Eyes?” – Erotica – 7/3/2020

Can you close a palm
Upon your opened mouth,
To stay your second hand
Upon that pair of eyes?
You eat debris,
Scattered among your mind,
Sentenced as you are
To another, of your kind.

I am that man
For your hope.
You leak glimmers from a set of pillars,
While I wash your form in solitude.
I am merely a ghost,
Watching your remaining self, in this horrid
Moment, from hollow Earth.

You grieve,
Though to your hope
Is merely the denial,
The want
For immediate reprieve.
You are not punished,
Dear one.

You can leave your tears to the sand
To grow more than the winds.

Your breast falls silent,
Stilled of your nude form.
I want to be less than tangled in your heart,
As I watch from afar.

You sleep from a pleasure,
Awaken with a sigh,
Startled of an absence
Left to the sky.