925th Poem – “What do you See?” – Erotica – 7/6/2020

Mountains raise
As your breasts, upon the valley
As you see the skies falling droplets
From grayest clouds.
Your cloak has been formed
By stray leaves, covering wounds,
The Earth, in bandaged soil.

Do you bleed
With the cross upon your mouth?
Why has forgiveness evaded you,
Simplest youth for my loving
Heart, that has grown dark?

The world has arms,
Naked in their sweeping.
They stream the crimson
In Hellish fires.
I do kiss your palms.

Let your eyes wander
Down to the forests between your legs,
As your gaze is scattered,
To the winds that blow freely.
I want to dine
On irises embedded in blue,
To kiss
The dearest you, beneath the fullest moon.
Why do dreams come without ending?