941st Poem – “Depression is a Rocky Shore” – Romance – 7/11/2020

Swaying upon the anchor,
I am,
While you are lifted
To incredible heights.
Your lips
Pressed against the palest blue,
While I am still
An eclipse away.

The light in my heart
Has faded
Into distant blackness.
You are the fear
I have come to endear
With trembling fingertips,
Tormented gaze.

I will never stop shaking
With the Earth,
Because I am
What I want to be,
The man
Whose stains remain to me
A love that cannot die,
Cannot reside
In the screaming universe.
Only in gold,
Not in silver,
Not in the streaming lakes of unknowns,
Though in the boldest scape of certainty,
Can bluest tears live,
Can happiness give.