970th Poem – “Legs of Yours” – Erotica – 7/20/2020

Unbridled by passion,
Swimming over your rivers
Running from between thighs
Braided with silk,
Sought after and kissed.

Your lips are the everything red,
Unlike the rest,
All at once, so dead.

I nestle myself in your breast,
Counting each draining droplet
Of the ivory like your neck.

I run myself
In long waves,
Over your rippling flesh.
I kiss your dreams goodnight,
Counting gleams to the morning sunrise.

Each leg of yours,
Spreads the world thin,
Entrances the eyes,
Siphons the soul,
Makes a man whole.

I still the night to be frozen,
Or rather, it is we
Who hold in our arms, stray tokens
Found upon the walkways where holds the sunlight,
For the train shall depart, with us,
To dust.