976th Poem – “The Blood of a Thousand Roses” – Romance – 7/20/2020

She lost her gaze,
Lost her place
Among time's worn end
To her life in the tallest grass
That can ever reach her fingers above,
Her corpse below.

I bleed a sickness related to hers,
As I set the bouquet down to my feet.
Her eyes were mine in their capturing,
While her lips were mine to kiss.

I dream of an ocean without waves,
Of the Earth without storms.
I see the wilderness parted,
Never the red of a thousand thorns.

A thousand roses,
A hundred petals,
To the infinite
Of a love that drinks deep its inner solace.
I am the man who stands
Above a grave,
Watches the moon pass over
My head, as I stay.

Her stare gave me meaning
To the eclipse,
She said to the sun
That it would not ever blacken.
She said the words of praise
To a light that could not ever
Identity with the night.

She lost her moment,
Her flicker and her sound.
She put out her torch,
Buried herself in the ground.


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