989th Poem – “A Drop of Needed Passion” – Erotica – 7/23/2020

A drop of spice,
One droplet of water
From frozen ice
Leaking from one milk-white breast.
I sail the whole ocean
Around your godly form.
I take what I can devour
Of your Earthly nature.

Your beauty is the soil,
Your vulnerability is what I crack,
While I drink a faucet from your softness
Between a heavenly pair of thighs.

You look upon growth,
The growth
Of a dagger in hand
To your sheath.
I shall disarm myself
For it to be placed in its bottomless shelter.

Love is a tomb,
Love is our sacred dome.
Love is where we scatter
Our words to the breeze.
Lust burns itself an image
Of your beautiful face.
Love burns your hair, your skin,
As it does the stretched lace.

I breathe skin as fragrant as the ocean,
I consume tresses as black as the night.
I wander a form as elegant
As our love is decadent.

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