997th Poem – “The Early Morning Appetite” – Erotica – 7/25/2020

Cradle the world
Underneath to below
Our feet.
Your look sends me into wild shivers,
Pleading the man in me, for more disbelief
To your shared bosom upon the sheets.

Your eyes collect the sun's rays,
With the moon's echoes.
The remaining darkness carries a newborn forward
Into the mist of a dusty morning.
I look onward
To your fright
Of one picked dagger from a loosened loin,
To pierce where flesh has been tightest.

Bleed for me
Upon the sheets,
Where your screams for me
Come as hollow Heaven.

I aim to set the world high
Upon your shoulders,
The sky with its blue sadness,
Births the red of forgiveness.

Breathe me,
The loneliness you can part with,
The fulfillment you can start with
Of one womb gathered
Of ten tiny fingers.