Poem – “Beautiful, with Radiant Eyes” – Romance – 7/31/2020

Echo about
Your frolicking self.
The rain is but a flicker
To the decay of warmth.
I want to hold
A form that wilts, no more,
When the tears come as razors
To the skin that has bled only coldness.

Your frozen silence,
Leaks memorabilia.
Of earing and necklace
Latched to flesh,
Discarded from youth.
For oldness has encased you
Dreary in its manifest.
I entrust you to the Earth.

I want to kiss
Breath, that does not grow back
To receive my maneuver
With the swell of life
From one risen bosom.

Call to me,
Oh, dear,
For I beg of you
To never leave
Without something else to call home.

Your eyes,
Once a radiant stare.
Now a place in my mind
Where I say to it,
"I beware."

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