Poem – “You are Mine, Now” – Erotica – 9/6/2020

What had others done
To crawl so deep?
What had others said
To put you to sleep?
Where had others dwelled
To ride your shades?
Where had others walked
To move you to fade?

Your light
Is mine, now.
Your beauty
Is my kind.
I will be the carnivore
Who devours.

He did not sink his teeth deep enough
In your flesh.
He did not drink you whole enough
Of your waters.
His appetite
Was not like mine.
I will devour you,
Leaving no trace.

From breast,
To the petals, beneath.
From your eyes
To your feet,
I will consume every portion.
Every strand of your hair
Will be in my mouth.

He did not do it all,
He did not do it all.

I am the beast
Who slices deeply.

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