Poem – “As Temptation Spreads” – Erotica – 9/24/2020

Of a furnace
That shuts down.
Like criminal eyes,
Meeting the hitman,
His demise.
Can I be for you
When the car comes
To sweep us from disused streets?

Little fairy
Of too much dairy.
Milk has never been
For the impregnation
Of your mind.
Can you remember its virginity?
Can you recall
When you knew nothing?

Ice has soothed you,
Warmth has been
Cruel to you.
Like taste
Never met grace,
Or like your eyes
Never drew the curtain
Without seeing through.

Like romance
Has never been your sentence.
A drowning
Or a disowning.

Face the flame,
Swallow your offered shame.
Scrape your pride,
From all corners, all sides.

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