Poem – “Why so Desirous?” – Erotica – 9/24/2020

Can you be calm,
Without your legs so open?
The whore in you
Comes for the man,
For me
To nourish you
That I might bury you
Of your slenderness
In the soil,
Where pebbles cover your breasts.

Some trees are still there,
While some weather,
Too much.
Just a curtain
To conceal, our reveals
Of blood-red romance,
Diving into fluids
Clear as ice,
Red as the mountain’s vomit.
Your caress is my undress.

Winded between legs,
Watered thin,
Weathered thick,
Blowing scents
To where travelers flow
On their rocks,
Where cold metal,
And white saliva
Can be for your consumption.
Can you stand me?

Can you hate me,
Or can you lust me?
Your flavor
To what is savored,
Like little droplets fallen from
The breasts that beat none too far
From your worn heart.