Poetry Book – Released! – “A Slender Little Romance” – Purchase a Copy as your Support


Within this collection, the reader will discover the words of a young man, whose personal life has experienced the up and down avenues of love. Like a heart, love has beats and rhythm. Love is the feeling that has us stay for those patiently awaited moments. Love is timeless. Romantic poetry is a way to express thoughts and feelings through words that the reader feels as though they are experiencing the moment with the author. As we are attentive to the words from the one we love in our lives, it can be the same with “A Slender Little Romance”.

– Peter A.W. Wyatt


  1. This is exciting! Is this your first book? I read your “About” on Amazon and I love your quote. “Originality is not merely something that represents sheer newness. It is also something that has been forgotten.” So very true…

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