Poem – “How many Tears Scatter the Earth?” – Romance – 10/9/2020

I am in love
With my own shadow,
For I am unable
To glimpse the light that cast it.
The simple reprieve
I could release
To myself,
Like the unending sigh
She bled from a parted mouth,
Has made me count love’s footsteps,
Like splintered fragments of a boulder.

Love breathes,
She breathes
In the hail, the storm of ice,
While coldness has marked her place
In the earth.
I can die
With the loneliness I’ve carved
In my heart.
Like twin puddles
Tears are building
A great empire, around me.

Dreams have been singed
Only at their edges,
For I have filled more voids than hearts,
With the same light that I lack.
The stains upon the stained-glass,
The droplets of rain that never flood
The galaxy in Neptune’s arms,
Allow red to mingle with red,
Like two sunsets that never emerged,
Like her and I, always submerged.

Face me,
Oh, grief,
For my knees cannot carry me.

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