Wide awake,
And trembling.
You seem to see the sun
Before your handsome eyes.
You seem to scar the world,
With the blood that falls.
I have screamed,
Unlike you
To the time of our unfelt passion,
Lying awake, as you do.

Like some ocean that aches,
Wearying senseless
Lives, to depravation.
I kiss,
Though not to soothe,
Though to share my thunder
Upon you.
Each taste of your perfect form
Is a unison of something torn.

Love and madness
Strung together,
Like each petal that leaves
As the opening curtain,
Beginning the act
For our childish climb
To see where we may decide
To hold one another,
In the burning.

I worship you,
Disavowed, held by promise,
As I do
Go to share my thunder
With your unguarded breath,
With your unshielded heart,
Leaving a curtain over your legs,
Leaving the blood to be shed
Straight from a womb,
A tomb, I call my home.

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