Poem – “In Arms, Unendingly” – Romanticism – 12/5/2020

No danger
May again twist your features,
For no tears
Can mold the rivers into shape.
I can love a thousand times more
Into your heart,
Though these arms will circumvent
Each feeling, that makes you.

Each tear, you cry off,
I shall catch.
I shall be the one to hold you,
In arms, that soothe your rain,
By love, that ends your pain.

No danger
Can come again
To lower the corners of your mouth.
I will raise you
Atop every precipice
To the most complete admiration
For what I have sculpted,
Of a woman, saturated in purest gold.

Holding you,
Letting your tears absorb
Into my clothing.
Holding you,
Letting you drown in me,
Discovering comfort,
Finding passion,
Waiting for the future
To take direction.