Poem – “The Silk of your Body” – Erotica – 12/15/2020

Bleeding there,
While I have sunken through
Flesh atop velvet flesh,
Open and bare.
Nothing too cruel
Can accompany you
Without the grave wide open
To take the broken stem.

You walk, leaving puddles
Dancing your tears, in their curves.
I have sunken into
Porcelain, atop the porcelain
That draws around your softness,
While the world accompanies my sin.

Breaking into
Milk-white breast,
Falling into
Your open mouth,
Distraught for the heaving sigh
Holding the sentence too close
Of nothing to let fly.

Something masks you,
Bare, between open legs.
With curves to your every ember,
Feverish in all stains
Treasured on your heart,
More naked than your form.

Fragility breathes into you
The scent of all fused

Into the gates of Heaven.