Poem – “Beautiful and Rabid” – Erotica – 1/17/2021

What final,
Frozen hour
Near to your side
Where breaths come as

The stinging wind
Of the hurricane, in your heart

Brings sensation to me?

A love broken by two wings,
Fallen ash,

With what stings
Of surety in the midst of our desire,
Of loyalty in the cracks of our fire.

You melt
With the torn shape
Uncovered to you,
Bleak and new

With a shield to every garment.

Hold your kiss,
Devour the heat
That floods its great wave

Over the cold, abandoned blood
In the nectar of your heart.

You need to bleed
With eyes crossed, in the maneuvers.

Radiant complexion,
Finding sadness in every smile,

Though never drowning
If not to awaken,
In the arms that spoke to you
More than a mouth.