Poem – “Most Perfect of all Forms” – Erotica – 1/24/2021

Most beautiful,
Most graceful sweep
Of your skin, on its way
To the bed
Of soil,
To be dead,
To be stilled, by this
Apocalyptic love.

A fire takes you,
Sent from burning Heaven
Towards loving Hell.

Swing your palm
Around the dagger, in hand,
For deep in flesh
It may arrive

To birth you.

Swollen eyes,
Heartfelt cries,
Passion that glorifies
The sensation that dies.

Lustful smile
Battling the mile
Of pleasure, to the while,

Gifting pain, in company vile.

Breast in hand,
Holding your hair in this palm.

As Heaven ignites us,
Hell invites us
To unravel rugs for our entrance
To burn more, in the passion of romance.