Poem – “Love’s Bearable Hold” – Erotica – 1/30/2021

Swift settlement
Of stinging cheeks.

Rose, with the words
Of softness,
Upon the Devil in your eyes.

Breasts that
Pulse at the start of a heart.

Keep this rhythm
Glistening, at the wide-open fever.
Legs that shiver
In the moment of collapse.

Lay with me,
See the sun upon no voyage,
Though to remain at the edge

Of a stem
With ripened fruit.

Great winter
That leaves lakes at the rise
Of an eternal spring.
Can you see the morning’s fog
Released, in your eyes?

Parted legs,
Wine at the lips,
Nectar at the twist
Of a singular discarded garment

From the area where rose
Fuses with stem.