Poem – “Entering Heaven” – Erotica – 2/13/2021

Are the first element
To rain from your melting mouth.
A dryness
Comes in the ease of day
To the rose between your thighs.
A final kiss,
One deep caress
Brings nectar all around.

I hear your sighs
Moving to the walls,
To rest there.
Gleaming in your cries,
With smile after another
Of my name written on its curve.
You speak the word
Embedded in you,
While warmth runs over you.

One solitary dive
Through the heat of Heaven
Bleeds the face of all its sadness.
I love with no more to hold,
Nothing left of myself to scold,
For only you are here.

I reprieve
What I cannot leave,
Sending shudders to the distant doorways.
I cross
What cannot be lost
Over shoulders, to the next embrace.

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