Poem – “Afterglow of Nudity” – Erotica – 3/12/2021

To believe
In the most
Rotten schemes.
In conjuration
Of spells that would seduce,
Within words to intoxicate
The woman
Upon scents, in the grass,
In the earth,
Upon the blood.

Watered, of her eyes
In the screams of twilight,
While pleasure
Strips free
Holiest form,
With widest echo
Returned as presented gifts
From the listening walls.

Breasts as gold
As the leaks upon the sea,
From sunset to her adjacent torso
Near to me,
Bending down
Her form, to the puddles
She did bleed.

Of tears and honey
To recollect.
Simple woman
With hair about her neck,
Crawling with disheveled breath,
Biding time for the court
To show they’ve wept.

Of hands, to gentleness,
With scars, the marks
That guess the side the curtain
Shall fall.