Poem – “Bare to Pieces” – Erotic Poetry – 3/22/2021

Among ropes,
Sheer light to break
The flesh of no within,
Among blood
To the porcelain sheets,
Twisted about
Your tapered wrists,
Skin, breast and
Ivory eyes
Rolled to the back of mind
Basked in your furnace,
Seduced in what is induced.

Crying in your cradle
With stars above
To yet calm the nerves,
Sharper now than blades.
Piercing sideways
The dagger in your womb,
Igniting you
Then, from the beast
Naked, behind you.

Wading in the smile
Drawn across your face.
Blessed of you, in the nude,
Bending in the crude
Angle your form is twisted
Or shaped in.

In the reflection
Where waters, leaked from you
Can reveal more than conceal
Golden flesh, though
An absence dips your form,
At a defeat of my presence.