Poem – “In your Gravitation” – Erotic Poetry – 3/25/2021

By breath or by sound,
I sing to you my all.
The great waves come clashing
Against your fervent skin,
Leaking charm
In each felled garment.

Your scent rises with the tide
Against my barren nostrils,
The moon sweeps
For all that it weeps
For, in the becoming merge
Of two lovers in the surge.

My eyes open
To the sight of your texture,
Gliding with glistening irises
That behold travelling colors
Over your ocean of flesh.

For the moon with its crawling gaze
Has no more than its trampled craze
To embrace the awaiting sea,
Watching for our tragedy
To bleed over us.

Gravity collapses
In a distant skyline
As fires soon melt our shores.
We caress with every breath,
Weep with every droplet of the sea,
Eating the same sorrows
The moon would have us sing.