You will remain to be
Idle and delicate in perfection.
A while longer to keep this hunger
Growing to the loudness of thunder,
As evening rain falls to your smile,
We drift here for the while
As ebony settles on our wonder.

Great raised breast, of your own
Breath in shallow radiance
Above the depth of ivory skin,
As earth shifts, in stares sown.
Great wallowing of your life
In the pebbles of years
You waited heavy on the hours
Your fingers brushed winter’s strife,
While waters left in fears
From a heart turned deathly sour.

Exotic mounting of the thrust,
As you weep instead for the state
Of pleasure’s filming in your fate
As manhood enters between.

Milk drawn along reddened lips
As flushes blur, while heartbeats skip
During a night in the warm
Remembrance away from scorn.
Kept with the seal on a heart
You’ll find fault to ever part.

In the winter of all things
Summer enters, as lovers sing.

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