Poem – “Kissing Petals” – Erotic Poetry – 4/6/2021

Fragile pottery
In the symmetry of emptiness,
While stilled hearts
Lay shattered in the earth,
While poverty
Keeps itself to eternity
Desperate to die, without sign,

That upon the cross, we resign
To Heaven’s cruel opening
For the harlot’s sentencing
Upon the decay between
Her unbroken legs,
As she rots in the blood.

Water suits the flood
Among crippled flames that never stood.

Weeping for the one that never drew
Her sounds against the sun,
Blossomed by what barely knew
To heal her petals, within the run.

Charm of warming fossil,
As clay keeps the martyr contained.

A spot of soaked-up bitterness
In the countless grains never kissed.