Poem – “Wet Porcelain” – Erotic Poetry – 4/13/2021

The rivers
That flow beneath
The heart’s energetic sweep.
From the curtains,
The wind blows
So light,
To romance
In each direction.

A river near,
Following in tears.
Pleasure’s cruel resurrection
To a woman
With her legs opened to the sun,
Among her fingertips
Caressing the origin
To her cries,
Of a man who nestles atop
Her bed of flesh.

Miles apart,
Her skin comes undone,
Bleeding on
The winter from her soul,
As spring comes to,
Comes to renew.

A wilderness
To burn, about us,
It is justice
To the simple ways of sin,
Sealing sounds within,
Singing through our scars.

And grace,
Leave not this space
You have entered,
With your eyes
Set upon
A firm horizon.