Poem – “More than a Fragrance” – Erotic Poetry – 4/17/2021

Wilted flowers
Off gifted rain.
Her hair in tight sustain,
Her mouth dripping with the sun,
While eyes simply run
Amok, in the Hell she calls home.
A beauty with nothing signed,
And all confined
In the worriment, the shame,
The desolation, the pain.

Fumes make the martyr
From the cremation of ardor,
Soaked in sin
Was her skin,
A simple way
To simply play
In the flavor of sunsets
Dropped upon the mouth of misfortune,
Kissing goodbyes away.

Legs apart,
Toes clenched,
A wilderness to burn,
A face to churn
In the wild pleasure of many turns
Sweeping the pain back into solace.

Stinging her eyes
In the flame,
Bringing to her nostrils
Punishment and blame.
A life grown open
With the flower, become broken.