Poem – “Where the Rivers Meet” – Erotic Poetry – 4/17/2021

And underneath
The setting fog
Of a thousand meets
The pleasure did creep,
The women did weep
With their children at the breast,
With their faces in the crawl
Towards the burial of song
Where sadness did belong.

A while to fall
Into the arms of a one
Who did set with the sun,
Who did welcome the shape
Of many symptoms, too late
In their thousand-and-one fates
To be left in the arms
Of this familiar place
Where scenery re-enters,
As lace.

Silence, with the filth,
Violence, with the wilt
Of light, with the drown
Into everyone else’s frown.

Blood makes the virgin,
Water makes the nectar
Floating upon the pond
Of delicate limbs.

Lust, with the fuel
Of everything else, too cruel.