Who holds
The crippled one for his limp
Dagger in crystallized hands,
Drawn around the glacier
That be his groin?

Something instead to please,
Something to his mouth
Waters for the taste in the erotic
Woman, who lays in the ice.

She quivers for the strain
From all others, who left the stain
Dried among the moss,
As pale hues her face’s loss.

For first months to the melt
In all of the southern arctic
To die,
He kisses her upon the pink,
Letting loose sweet cries.

A dance,
A heavenly entrance
To where fevers fold within flesh,
As skies rain their butter and nectar
To a parted, red mouth.

Lived among sin
For frost to her skin,
Here love holds its bite down
Melting her to a radiance,
Not once more frozen
In improper hands.

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