Poem #1,748 – “Tear-Stains for Ink-Stains” – 7/26/2021

Hold wide this frame,
Weeping in silent shame,
Pulling apart what captures the silence
Inside wood and brittle stone.
A canvas, a face for cruelest violence.
Tears hit each blade of grass
With no pause at the hands they pass,
While winter motions the grail –

To unite red with the clear,
The porcelain from eyes
Draining the white –

Towards the spot where the sight
From the sun had let some limited hope
Sink as a ship through the earth.

There were echoes in the skies,
For Heaven could hear these cries –

These unforsaken wails
That brought more sunset than sails,
More darkness than movement
In places where evening pales.
A sip of wine with the moon,
One loss, a reminder until noon –

When Heaven can weep more.
Upon the gradient, a shift towards the shore
Where faces engraved in ivory sand –

Blend with the barren taste.
When Heaven sheds its sunlight
To refresh its curtain –

Here is to what will remain
Embedded in a heart that follows its lane.

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