Promotion – Please Support BLUE JADE PRESS, A Traditional Publishing Company – From “Modern Romanticism”

Hello, WordPress followers,

If you are looking for a place to get started with a publisher that is kind and non-restrictive, then Blue Jade Press may be the place for you.

Go ahead and check out their Facebook page, and even if you don’t decide, right off the bat, to take to them, please leave a “like” on it. It would be very much appreciated.

There are a wealth of beautifully talented authors contracted under BJP. Many writers have been able to live their dream, to be under the wing of this publisher. Yet, many more hearts ache to express the boundless emotions on the page, and much more needs to be remembered, forever. It is always hoped that new authors will find their place with BJP, and then give their book a home, after it has long been without belonging.

Please check them out, and support them if you are able with a simple “like” to the FB page. You are welcome to browse the main website, which is the link under the FB one. A variety of authors are collected, there.

Thank you, followers.

Blue Jade Press | Facebook

Blue Jade press llc

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  1. I will be seeking a publisher myself soon. I have five stories needing endings and I will try to publish a short story book and poetry. I hope you are doing well and staying safe my friend. I am off to the Irish Pub and I will return tonight to write and read some more.

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