Poem #1,759 – “How many Women?” – Romanticism – 8/25/2021

How many women
Breathed fire through their lips?
How many women
Cusped water before the drought?
How many women
Wept for the sullen forest,
Whether or not
The waters would raise enough?

How many women
Spoke of sadness at the end,
Wrote letters to be sent
Towards crippled shores?

How many were always
Yearning with knots through fingers
From heartstrings weaved,
Without comfort to bring?

How many angels were against
The idea of falling to arms,
Against the idea of burning their wings?
How many women –

Drew their eyes to the temporary?
How many women
Wept for the contemporary,
Walking on crippled shores, where sand
Was counted, too many
To be names of those who bleed?

How many women
See, with drawn curtains?

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