Edited Poems – 5 Poems – Love Poetry – Modern Romanticism – 5/4/2022

Poem #1

Title: While Eyes Undress You

Lonely lover, find your nest
with fruit still fresh.
Fire touches your breast,
catches upon our breath.
Against all, we have welcomed death.
With you, with fragrant land.

Burned roses, charred hearts.
Stolen eyes, remade as jewels.
My walk among porcelain sand,
My pace on your shore.

We cloud this evening in mist,
as simple dashes upon lovelorn lips.

We rain Heaven from a sun
that sheds its furnace low.

We tremble in a naked vow,
while faces sink down to whisper.

From opposite ends upon our run,
let stony stars be moldable silver,
as all garments drop
from flesh where sadness crops
down to this encased image.
Within heat, never depart
that sun for our eyes.

Poem #2

Title: Rain-Covered Eyelids

Twin wishes.

Twin love, within miles,
uncovering smiles.

We taste tears,
fallen from bleeding weather.

We have tasted fears
from discarded autumn leaves,
left to rot, behind.

This happened where
we were lost?
Broken, lost hearts
among sloping rapids.
This fierce soil.

Unloved, you have
been walking under shapeless stars.
Water stays, as all remains my call.
Finding your eyes,
beneath soil, among toil.
Alive, in this land.

Blind, within darkness.

Twin kisses.
Fatality on a road. Fading in,
living these years, bleeding out
to seek constriction, to slow
our glances, in this flow.
Muffled sighs, submerged in tears.
Unloved, as all
becomes quiet, in our call.

Two buried eyes
ascend beyond bleak landscapes,
sheltering borders,
cold embraces.

Two notes
from twin isolated hearts.
Blended, one agonized pair of lips
leaks onto stone.
Twin stares, two pairs,
finding futures in shapes
of illusionary clouds.

Poem #3

Title: You Never Leave

You never leave,

not from cruel backgrounds
of colored evenings.

You never leave,

not from calm faces
upon glowing mornings.

You never leave.

Under specks of diamonds
during a lightless night.
Lasting a sickly
mind, facing your silhouette.
Lost in your pages,
while gravity’s memories
crush favorite sceneries.

If love held a precious stone
for me to toss. I will toss it,
to become dust.

An ocean’s pressure
cannot stop this bleeding.
An ocean’s sunrise
cannot force hope to close
this void, a sunset.

Circulate these veins
back to beginning.
Press this wound,
even on impossibility.
One kiss, my request
to overflow a flooded heart.

I reuse that hour, this moment,
these words, though refuse
to ever be heard.
Hearing your heartbeat
ricocheting from walls,
back to frozen, immaculate
barren bedsheets.

Poem #4

Title: Fatal Pleasure

Come around to tell
this night. You are our
white winter, on white sand.

Limbs of naked trees.
Fewest leaves hang from them,
cold and dry. Purposeless.

A life brought from
storied glaciers, with an eye
covered in smothering mist.

Cold, to a life,
while I cry daylight away.

A defeat born upon shoulders
of a stillborn moon.

Corners of comfort, dried in smoke.
Pleasures are wiped clean
with smeared curtains.

Surmounting desire
found its fate, in a fire
where nothing made you smile.

All our life faded,
before embers, before glowing
light, among blue
winter haze in a snowless
night, within endless tension,
as fuel for disarray.

All our miles
of burned, buried photographs.
States that were captured
as stagnant, earthen sentiments.

Poem #5

Title: The Warmth in your Absence

Brittle curtains. Covered road
in blood and mud,
designs upon fabric
connected with a body.
Kisses to your entrance
inside, for love’s shelter.
Left bonded.

Your residence in all rooms.
A train whistles
for departure.
Bring old men’s bags
beneath their eyes, beneath
in stares. All I longed for
remains as your sigh,
your cry
among nighttime quiet.

A fire in a morning’s sky.
Same fire in this lovelorn heart,
reflected in all tears.
Squeezed from a drought
to lakes, from vanished glaciers
while sickness remains eternal.

Your touch. Your skin.
Softest in the loudest din.

Long scars. Rotten heart
that knew no murder.
No way to bring ceases to creases,
halt those pauses to a story
told only in reverse.

This trail, behind.
Our tale could remind,
without this grief
ever meaning to shout.

Your reflection in frozen rivers.
Your warmth in the currents,
beneath. Where has that
sun left me
to breathe silver, within winter?
Your vapor from these lungs,
as words never said.

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