Dialogue – “The Empirical Assumption over a Man’s Awareness to Romance”

Q: As for your belief in a woman's way to make herself attractive, are you able to explain why you believe it is always necessary? A: Attraction is like butter, when melted, not frozen, and the connection of love and devotion will make a man melt into a woman's attractive appearance. Should a woman be… Continue reading Dialogue – “The Empirical Assumption over a Man’s Awareness to Romance”

The Heavens Wept for Her

Never let, Heaven hear, The great mockery, of my fruit, I was thoughtless, yet here you are, To bare the nakedness, of my suit. The reckless approach, to danger, My uncertainties, begone! Never broken, never saved. Never, but beloved, to the brave. You wilted, as to my own, Brethren, of my hope, Abandoned, with my… Continue reading The Heavens Wept for Her

The Great Frame of Love

Stillness evokes, the bitter strife, Winter trees, tore off this life. Lisette wore a mask, to conceal, The terrors of love, to reveal. She echoed a panic, of pain, Within forests bleak, by shame. I wandered, the terrible night, Exploring Lisette, in bitter blight. Some tune rung, from the trees, Receiving, my crying pleas. I… Continue reading The Great Frame of Love

While Her Heart Beats

You were the woman, who awoke, among strangeness,Death, had divided your territory; life, had conquered you.Beauty nestled itself, in the fragrance, of your neck,Love crept upwards, to your lips, and laid kisses, deep. In the strangeness, of my strength,That which, would not wane,All beauty, I tore, with bare hands,Blood rose, to meet, my nostrils,An enemy,… Continue reading While Her Heart Beats