Love Quote – “Returning Pleasure” – 3/5/2021

“Stripped from your wild self. Your yielding self. Of bare back, bald breasts, and kissable lips… How have others seen you? How can you foresee me, seeing you? Such beauty. Such admirable beauty. A simplicity to the arrangement of your hair. To your fingers, burning at the tips like candleflame. This is special, dear. This is a moment, not wasteful.”

– Peter A.W. Wyatt (Modern Romanticism)

Love Quote – “The Beast, Inside” – 1/1/2021

“Oh, care that I felt for you, above all else. I never mattered for a moment, in this world. If to keep you afloat was always my aim, then may I drown with content. To be angered at you, when hearts came to a close, was only ever because I could care for nothing else. As I could not care for myself, did not comprehend how, there was only the blankness to remain. Just the void, for pain’s sake, when all that once filled it was the you who I loved.”

– Modern Romanticism

Love Quote – “This Perfection of You” – 12/31/2020

“No, dear. Betterment to yourself is never necessary. Betterment to myself, always is. As long as you remain perfect for my eyes, you need not change, as only through my love will you rise. If I keep myself from beast-hood, from the monster to which once hurt you, I can make you float above. Your perfection needn’t change, for that is how love conquers your heart, to make the arrows dance away from other quivers, to recreate and remind you to the wholeness always of yourself.”

– Modern Romanticism

Quote – “Loss, upon a Heart” – 10/22/2020

“A hole I have, for a heart. A raging ocean I have, for a mind. Cruelty is a sunset, that closes itself wide upon nothing that discovers comfort, when there is no warmth. Just an adulterous plague, that cheats the game of life, when it cannot follow the rules of loss. I hold residence in the terrible shadows. To never find shelter in the light, near the fire, when the morning arrives, because my pain is always in her territory.”

“My Anger, the Addiction”

A Personal Message – “To All that has Been Loved…” – 6/4/2020

“Is it all too unfortunate to never desire another love, another heart to belong to, another home in which to place your form? I have, as all it was yearned for, wanted nothing more that the discovery that forgoes all of science and its findings. Love. A love that would not shatter, unless within the jaws of fate. Something so uncontrollable, as something so unseen, was the fate that shattered the love. I sting within, as I sting without her. In all the times I yearn for the love to return, I now say to myself that it will return when I die.”

– Anonymous

Quote – “Lying to Protect Someone Else” – 5/24/2020

“How does one, such as me, find himself stable enough to lie to protect the one he once loved? Now when honesty spills forth, revealing that there had been much force involved to uphold a friendship, there is brokenness. A romance, transferred into friendship, does not make a certain happiness I expected. Who else could feel this way? Everyone can, I believe. No one is divided on this. A vulnerable heart, becoming broken, cannot mend itself through friendship when feelings are still matched with memories that won’t leave. Though, there are the lies. To protect someone close, who was loved in that time, becomes soon a mere mindset to lie for them, when the only person you were ever honest with, was them. I was only ever honest with them, though lied for years to protect them. Again, I ask, who has felt this way? Who has lied to protect someone close? Who has risked their reputation in front of countless, just to maintain what they know best, though what is also long gone? What’s long gone, for me, is a love. A love where I knew myself best, and a love where I could be honest with who I loved. Lying to protect her, while forcing myself to be friends to her, has merely crafted a mindset of confusion to where I am siding myself. As a writer, it’s despicable. As a writer, it’s mortifying. As a writer, it’s just insulting. Lie to protect, or lie to lie. I know not if I still do the former, or now simply lie.”

– Anonymous