Philosophy – “Of True vs. False Diversity” – 9/20/2020

“Nothing made should be viewed as all that which can be divided, without breeding a materialistic mindset bent around choice. To choose, merely means to escape from the responsible self. To do the right thing, is to embrace responsibility.”

– Modern Romanticism

Diversity has its two meanings in creation and causation. What is born out of the latter, is the division of things already in existence. We can divide creation, into causation, to make a diversity such as the “gender studies” we believe diversify male and female. Diversity of what already exists, is nothing so different from being an anarchist or a torturer. Someone who tears apart at a nation, or tears apart at a person’s mind, to have something for pleasure’s sake.

Out of diversity to creation, we are not destroyers, nor those who fragment, nor those who confuse. We are creators, artists, and those who lead with discipline enough to raise what has been formed. Formed out of what? Formed out of a thought, to be made as speech, in the name of Individualism.

In the target of speech, there is soon the targeting of thoughts. We are targeting the former, being of God, being of creation, being of artistry. We are targeting what can be formed, what can be made, what can be understood of another without seeing the surface. A creationist way of diversity, has its meaning in life. Diversity, by way of causation, means to destroy life. For to cause, merely means to have had a choice, in doing so. To create, merely means to have had no choice, and one must take to the responsible task of raising what has been made.

To the diversity of causation, we are tormenters, destroyers, and those who despair creation into a nothingness. To the diversity of creation, we are sculptors, musicians, and obey truth like nothing else had ever mattered. In creation, we are not deception, we are never lustful, and we are not materialistic. In creation, we love, because what is before is, simply can be offered that support.