Philosophy – “Why Abstraction is the Destruction of Art” – 3/11/2022

“The creation of art is just as it is, before destroyed. When it is destroyed, the destruction is not another creation because creation cannot follow a domino effect without it becoming mass production. A routine, according to a domino effect, is therefore not creative. Creativity is spontaneous inspiration, the effect of lust, or the willingness to create without desire for its purpose or utility. Creation simply exists, not to any specific end, though will create of its own without the routine-driven energies that drive what repetition does, being to deaden meaning.”

– Modern Romanticism

What gets destroyed? Meaning. Meaning is non-existent with death, because to the grieving individual lost without meaning for what had existed, is ignorant to know that love does not die, does not lose all meaning. In life, there is truth. In death, there seems for grieving individuals the absence of all meaning. That is depression.

It is because of loss that within all things dark, void, or non-existent of truth, there is death, though also the denial for what does not die. Love cannot die, because memories are unable to meet death at their end. Then, why does an artist’s works live on, when death meets the life of the artist? That is because of the presence of love given to what goes on, being the works that like children to a mother, are there to carry the flame of memory. When death is what corrupts the grieving individual’s heart to see no meaning in life, there is meant to be understanding to the perfection of love in how it perfects meaning. We cannot destroy love, cannot declare God to be truly dead, without sheer denial in question to the meaning of life.

Life holds meaning. Death lacks all meaning in its place of absence. If art can be abstract, then abstraction is a murderer. If someone can believe the mass-produced artwork is meaningful, then they’ve contradicted themselves on their supposed understandings of art. Art is, not ever something specific, though is. Art simply is, because it cannot be subjective. Objective, as art is, to meanings that are not specific, because specifics follow the numerical. If a numerical is ever meaningful, then we have found meaning in death.

If there is meaning in death, then we can state to the grieving individual to remain in grief, out of our cruelty within such words, because that is same to believe they should find healing within their depression. As one cannot fell a building without stating the building was once created, the felled building is an example of chaos. Who says to the earthquake that destroys a village that what is viewed of suffering and loss of shelter is something beautiful and meant to be admired? In the belief that a person who is homeless is beautiful, as homeless, is perhaps to mean that their conditions of life should never be improved. This person, in viewing death or loss or poverty to be beautiful would not ever lift a finger to aid those in distress.

Chaos is not the creation, as abstraction is not. Abstraction or chaos is the absence of order, as things such as order, life, or truth are creations. Life depicts itself as truthful, for every individual is able to create their own stories to tell out of experiences. If abstract art is ever truthful, then what was created to begin with? As in, what of abstract art is the creation, if its intention is to break the rules and boundaries of art? And if those boundaries are broken without the rules being first learned, then what has been broken? In the same sense, can a building be destroyed before it was created? It cannot. Since it cannot, then no abstraction can be itself without the acknowledgement that life, truth, and all manner of creation is being destroyed. This is the same mindset as someone who would find a bloodbath or bloody massacre to be beautiful, with the luxury of not knowing those who died. It is that luxury, because those who know the pain of loss are those who crave to understand what is still meaningful.