Philosophy Series – “Of Art” – Pt. 2 – 8/21/2021

“It is unity that portrays the repetition of educational experiences. Wisdom must be passed in the direction of creation, so as not to end order into chaos. It is unity that then portrays itself in what should not be distorted of either portrait or landscape into something less than recognizable. A face that can be mirrored by a reality or the landscape that were always one’s surroundings should not be mutilated nor burned for the simple sake of the ignorance that is against unity.”

– Modern Romanticism

While art can be said to be anything, it is with ease that this could be told. If art, an anything, then it is a deceptive nothingness. If to be “any” could be similar to what is “any” source for perhaps the essay, then it may as well be deception. Any and all, the references to deception, are so in that nothing specific could come by this.

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