Poem – “Do not Run to Death” – Love Poetry – 4/10/2021

Among you, for you,
The waters keep curling
The fog around your eyes,
Drying against the lane
Where sadness is your stain
On the arms, embracing close
Remembrance of the fallen.

Upon you, around you
Where teeming life does swirl
In the galaxy where keeps your heart
Swollen, to never part
From the idle awakening of a start
To your life’s journey to a myth
Of happiness, meant to lift
Your frown to a frozen crown.

Royalty designs you
In the stunning radiance of the sun,
While your lips are pressed against
Time’s bleeding void
To all you lost, in the sign
Of giveaways upon the line.

Earth draws your curves
Around itself.
Alone, are your hips,
With the ongoing failings
Of belief, running black
With the smears on your cheeks.