Poem – “Leap-Tears” – Grief Poetry – 4/10/2021

Petals, drawn out of eyes,Washing on, running onFrom the place they laid upon. A mind full of symmetry,Mindful of jealousyMoving forth to shortcomings,Laid flat in the long-termOf a presidency voted in by grief, Washing ashore, eyes to seekThe stagnancy in the idle blueOf skies that never drop,With hearts that never stop. Wandering with cruel disclosureUpon… Continue reading Poem – “Leap-Tears” – Grief Poetry – 4/10/2021

Poem – “Your Throbbing Heart” – Romance – 4/3/2020

If they have killed you,Due unto a disease,I will kill them.I will send them running to the EarthAnd escape through the ashes,Down to the corridors of Hell.I will send them chasing demonsFor merry love-making.Those demonsAre of their own kind.The same faces,The same tracesOf the same scents.I will track them down,Slay them into debris,Along with their… Continue reading Poem – “Your Throbbing Heart” – Romance – 4/3/2020

Poem – “Of Pain Stored on Shelves” – Romance – 4/2/2020

How have you falteredBeneath the driving windsAnd sleeting rain?How have you deniedWhat we both cried forUnder the heaviest torrentsAnd pounding waves?My eyes can only see so muchBehind the tears.Just a face or an earTo gaze or to hear.My love, with your bravest voice.Come play misery with me,And send more pages to the booksFull with ink,… Continue reading Poem – “Of Pain Stored on Shelves” – Romance – 4/2/2020