Poem – “Leap-Tears” – Grief Poetry – 4/10/2021

Petals, drawn out of eyes,
Washing on, running on
From the place they laid upon.

A mind full of symmetry,
Mindful of jealousy
Moving forth to shortcomings,
Laid flat in the long-term
Of a presidency voted in by grief,

Washing ashore, eyes to seek
The stagnancy in the idle blue
Of skies that never drop,
With hearts that never stop.

Wandering with cruel disclosure
Upon a face of pain’s exposure.
Weeping for a glance,

That never left winter’s moisture
Beneath the eyes, where the rain
Fell only to remain
With the half-broken heart,
Then to a man’s shattered knees.

Poem – “Your Throbbing Heart” – Romance – 4/3/2020

If they have killed you,

Due unto a disease,

I will kill them.

I will send them running to the Earth

And escape through the ashes,

Down to the corridors of Hell.

I will send them chasing demons

For merry love-making.

Those demons

Are of their own kind.

The same faces,

The same traces

Of the same scents.

I will track them down,

Slay them into debris,

Along with their homes,

Their hopes,

Their futures,

As love has nothing but burning wings

Upon my back.

Poem – “Of Pain Stored on Shelves” – Romance – 4/2/2020

How have you faltered

Beneath the driving winds

And sleeting rain?

How have you denied

What we both cried for

Under the heaviest torrents

And pounding waves?

My eyes can only see so much

Behind the tears.

Just a face or an ear

To gaze or to hear.

My love, with your bravest voice.

Come play misery with me,

And send more pages to the books

Full with ink, displaying pain

To be noticed by the world, and its looks.

We have no shame,

Just ourselves.